Specifications :
Underseat shallow sealed powered enclosure
Subwoofer : 20cm (8“)
Class-AB mono block amplifier
Peak Power : 600W
RMS Power : 150W
Active X-over : variable 50~150Hz
EBC remote included
High and low level inputs
Auto switch on with high-level inputs
Input sensitivity : 0,1V~4V
Phase switch : 0° or 180°
Bass boost : @45Hz variable 0 to +12dB
Dimensions : 345x242x78mm
Weight : 5Kg
Features :
The best and most simple way to add good bass in your system
Reduced size and thickness for underseat installations
Powerful Class-AB amplifier for a realistic bass reproduction
Possible invisible installation
EBC remote control included. You can play with it from the front…
High and Low level inputs
Automatic remote when used with high level inputs
Phase setting : 0° or 180°
Works perfectly with an original OEM head-unit, or more…


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